A font license grants permission to install and use a font. All of our typefaces are offered online in 5 different licensing options; Desktop, Webfont, Digital Ads, App-ePub and Corporate. All our font licenses are perpetual and require only a one-off payment (No subscription). We offer a range of licenses to suit various needs. If none of our current options fit your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Desktop For use on a desktop computer. Including the most common print uses (Logotypes as well), both personal and commercial. For its use in applications such as Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Microsoft Office, etc. Desktop licenses are based on the number of computers in which the font will be installed. Desktop EULA



Webfont For a website or web application. A webfont license allows to embed the font into a website, so that it can be displayed on any browser. The license is based on a monthly pageviews allowance for the webfonts. One time fee, this license does not need to be renewed if the site remain within that monthly pageviews. Webfont EULA

Digital Ads For use in dynamic and responsive HTML5 ads or other digitally embedded ads. You can use on social media campaigns as well, keeping the brand identity wherever the ad appears. Digital Ads EULA


App-ePub For mobile apps and electronic publications. The license allows to embed the font in the mobile application’s code and in an electronic publication such as digital books, magazines, newspapers. Licenses are based on the total number of downloads of the app or the ePub. App-ePub EULA



Trial We are offering free trial fonts of our entire retail library for you to download. You can see how they perform before licensing the full versions. Trial Fonts can be used only for testing purposes. This license does not cover any other use, commercial or not. Trial EULA



Corporate license A perpetual combination of all our licenses: Desktop, Webfont, Digital Ads and App-Epub. Tailored for a single brand or entity, based on a simple metric: the number of employees within the organization (not the number of users or computers) at the time of purchase. You can buy it directly online up to 1000 employees. Please contact us if you have larger requests. Corporate License EULA


  One-time fee, no recurring payments

  Unlimited users for Desktop

  Unlimited page views for Website

  Unlimited impressions for Digital Ads

  Unlimited downloads for App-ePub

  Unlimited use for Broadcast

  Unlimited installations in your organization

  Multiple font file formats

  Customised name*


*We provide an optional and complimentary service that enables you to customize the font names for all corporate licensing agreements. This customization not only enhances branding consistency but also streamlines internal distribution, ensuring that everyone in your organization uses the correct font. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you want the fonts renamed.



License Owner / Buying for a client
During the buying process you can decide for whom the license is, a special field on the cart options is enabled for this purpose at the end of the process. Don't forget to fill in the 'License Owner' area during the checkout process with the name of your client or their firm. The buyer is the license owner when the field is left empty.



Additional License Options


Broadcasting Fonts for any text onscreen, like film, titles, credits, movie trailers, TV shows, video clips, streaming and any other broadcast media. 


Videogames Fonts to embed in the videogame code for all platforms and devices. Suitable for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC games and more.


Third-Party Fonts that allow third parties (agencies, affiliates, licensees, vendors or subcontractors) to access and work with the font software.


OEM embedding Fonts for embedding in software, hardware devices and consumer electronics. Suitable for Printer Manufacturer, Mobile Device Manufacturer, Automotive Infotainment System, Digital Signage Displays, ATM Machines and more.


Server Fonts for sites, web apps, or services that allow a non-licensed user to utilize the font to create personalized products like T-shirts, business cards, website templates, PDF invoices and any other custom articles.


Custom and Enterprise licenses A perpetual, or annual, combination of all our licenses, including additional options such as broadcasting, third parties (agencies, affiliates, licensees, vendors or subcontractors), server, custom name, design customization, etc. This license could be entirely unlimited and is especially suitable for large companies. Pay once and never worry about font licensing again, regardless of how much your business expands. Please contact us for a price quote.





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